Marie Martinod

Disciplines: SkiFrom: Tignes, FRA FRABorn: 07/20/84

About Marie

The second skiing mom to win XG gold, France's Martinod did it in front of the hometown crowd in Tignes in 2013 after a 7-year hiatus from X Games. And she has kept her incredible comeback rolling. At XG Aspen 2014, she captured bronze before earning silver at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. This petite (118lbs) rider is known for her great style. She was an alternate at XG Aspen in 2016, and then finished 4th in Oslo. Outside of skiing, Marie is raising her daughter, Mélirose Roy (7) and is a role model for other women skiers.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Aspen 2017 SKI SuperPipe1st
X Games Oslo 2016 SKI SuperPipe4th
X Games Aspen 2015 SKI SuperPipe7th
X Games Aspen 2014 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X Games Tignes 2013 SKI SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2006 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2005 SKI SuperPipe5th