Dennis Enarson

Disciplines: BMX FreestyleFrom: San Diego, CA USA USABorn: 04/19/91

About Dennis

Although he never looks serious or intense, Dennis Enarson rides full-tilt all the time, whether it's a contest, in the streets or a session at his backyard ramp. Enarson removed his brakes in 2011, motivating him to ride and progress even more. He also added a peg to the right side of his front wheel and currently rides a freecoaster (can coast backwards without having to rotate the cranks), opening up a whole world of fakie tricks.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

World of X Games 2016 Real BMX 3rd
X Games Austin 2016 BMX Park1st
X Games Austin 2015 BMX Park2nd
X Games Austin 2014 BMX Park9th
X Games Austin 2014 BMX Street3rd
X Games Los Angeles 2013 BMX Street6th
X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013 BMX Park3rd
X Games 2011 BMX Park2nd
X Games 2011 BMX Street2nd
X Games 2010 BMX Street2nd
X Games 2010 BMX Park2nd
X Games 2009 BMX Park9th
X Games 2008 BMX Park8th
X Games 2007 BMX Park9th