Tom Pages

Disciplines: Moto X, Moto X, Moto XFrom: Biarritz, FRA FRABorn: 03/25/85

About Tom

On the Austin 2016 roster for Best Trick, QuarterPipe and Freestyle, Frenchman Tom Pages, who won the inaugural QuarterPipe contest at XG 2015, is one of the most innovative freestylers on the planet. The progressive Pages has invented or advanced many of the toughest tricks in the sport, like the flair, double grab backflip and bikeflip, and he took 2nd overall on the 2015 X-Fighters series. A favorite for gold in all three of his 2016 XG disciplines, Pages could be the first to take three Moto X gold at the same XG.

  • Competed in various disciplines at 6 X Games. First medal: gold, 2016 QuarterPipe.
  • On the roster for Best Trick, Freestyle and QuarterPipe. No one has won 3 Moto X events at the same XG. Only Mike Metzger has taken 3 Moto X medals at one event.
  • Podiums at 4 of 5 X
  • Fighters comps in 2015 before finishing 2nd overall: 3rd, Mexico City (March 2015); 2nd, Athens, Greece (June 2015); 1st, Madrid, Spain (July 2015); Pretoria, South Africa (Sept. 2015).

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2015 MTX QuarterPipe1st
X Games Barcelona 2013 MTX Best Whip4th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 MTX Best Trick4th
X Games 2011 MTX Best Whip5th
X Games 2009 MTX Freestyle12th
X Games 2008 MTX Freestyle12th
X Games 2008 MTX Best Trick6th