Moto Shibata

Disciplines: SkateboardFrom: Osaka, JPN JPNBorn: 09/20/95

About Moto

Raised on 1980s skateboarding videos, Moto Shibata brings a style not seen on the vert ramp in decades. Only 20, he could become the first Japanese Skateboard medalist in X Games history. Barring that, he should at least win an award for coolest name. A Vert Ams competitor at X Games in 2009, Shibata has actually been pro since he was 13.

  • X Games rookie.
  • 2015: 7th at the Kimberley Diamond Cup vert contest.
  • 2009: 8th in X Games Vert Ams.
  • 2012: 22nd in Vert at X Games Asia 2012.
  • His dad owns the skateshop, Simple City. Osaka, Japan.

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X Games Competition History

X Games 2009 SKB Vert Amateurs8th