Jackson Strong

Disciplines: Moto X, Moto XFrom: Lockhart, AUS AUSBorn: 11/04/91

About Jackson

A freestyle motocross innovator, "Jacko" is a crowd favorite for his fearless go-for-it style. The Australian led an Aussie sweep of the podium at X Games Moto X Best Trick in 2011 when landed the first frontflip in competition. The following year he brought a new body varial, "The Jack", and won gold again. His forays into Freestyle have not been as successful and he even gave Snowmobile Best Trick a shot in 2013. In 2016 Strong is back for his 7th appearance but first in three years. Look for his newest trick, the "Double Drop", (a drifting double backflip) which he hopes to land in QuarterPipe.

  • Two
  • time XG gold medalist, MTX Best Trick.
  • First rider to land a frontflip and the "Jack" body varial at XG
  • First to land a frontflip in a Freestyle run at XG (Foz do Iguacu).
  • Won both nights of the AUS
  • X best trick competition in Nov. 2015
  • Had five surgeries on his left thigh after a Jan. 1, 2014 accident involving fireworks.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Los Angeles 2013 MTX Freestyle9th
X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013 MTX Freestyle9th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SMB Best Trick6th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 MTX Best Trick1st
X Games 2011 MTX Best Trick1st
X Games 2010 MTX Freestyle16th