Jimmy Wilkins

Disciplines: SkateboardFrom: Columbus, OH USA USABorn: 09/10/93

About Jimmy

Even though he has X Games gold (2015), he's still not a pro. Jimmy is one of the most prolific young skaters on the scene, and released a 2017 video part (in The Creature Video) that is sure to be deemed a classic. The son of a professional ballerina and an orchestra conductor, Wilkins is familiar with the importance of practice and is an artist on the ramp. At XG Austin 2014, he went from complete obscurity to the youngest XG Skateboard Vert gold medalist of all time (20 yrs. 9 mos.). Raised in Ohio, Wilkins now lives in SoCal, where he skates on Tony Hawk's ramp. The young talent draws skaters from other disciplines to the ramp just to watch his fresh style.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Minneapolis 2017 SKB Vert2nd
X Games Austin 2016 SKB Vert3rd
X Games Austin 2015 SKB Vert10th
X Games Austin 2015 SKB Vert Best Trick8th
X Games Austin 2014 SKB Vert1st
X Games Los Angeles 2013 SKB Vert14th