Briar Bauman

Disciplines: Moto XFrom: Salinas, CA USA USABorn: 07/09/95

About Briar

Briar is one of the youngest GNC1 racers in the country and is the first motorcycle rider in his family. The 2012 AMA Rookie of the Year has two GNC1 wins and considers himself stronger on single-cylinder (450) machines than on twins, though he's improving. In 2015, he had two podiums at half-mile races on the bigger bikes; that's similar to the X Games setup. A Californian, Bauman stays in Pennsylvania during the racing season, specifically at the home of siblings Cory and Shayna Texter. He's been dating Shayna for several years. He admits that his loose cannon riding style has cost him some good finishes in the past and consistency has been a challenge. "Now I'm slowing down to focus on being smooth and consistent. I really think racing at this level and putting in the time has helped me become more mature. I can see what I'm doing wrong."

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2016 MTX Flat Track17th
X Games Austin 2015 MTX Flat Track6th