Kate Shengeliya

Disciplines: SkateboardFrom: Moscow, Russia RUSBorn: 06/21/91

About Kate

26-year old Moscow skater Kate Shengeliya is known for releasing flashy video parts on her Instagram. She's eternally positive and says she's nothing without her skateboard under her feet. Kate excels at skating big stair sets, from which she can land kickflips and nose grabs. She's also solid on rails and ledges, and likes to add a ton of style to whatever she does. She competed at XG in 2015 and finished 11th, not revealing her true talent. If she medals, she would be the first Russian to earn an XG medal since 2002, and the first Russian to earn a medal outside of the sports of Skysurfing and Climbing.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Minneapolis 2017Skateboard Street 12th
X Games Austin 2015Skateboard Street 11th