Axell Hodges

Disciplines: Snow BikeFrom: Encinitas, CA USA USABorn: 08/20/96

About Axell

Axell Hodges, 21, is emerging as an all-around talent, with a background in motocross and supercross racing and freeriding. His video parts are popular, including his 2017 Real Moto clip (silver medal, and voted Fan Favorite) and Monster Energy's "Slayground". His X Games debut was Austin 2016 and he took silver in Moto X Best Whip and 8th in Step Up. He competed in the inaugural Snow BikeCross at XG Aspen '17 and was running second until he crashed on lap 22. Finished 14th.

  • Two
  • time XG medalist: 2017 Real Moto silver medalist and fan favorite vote winner; Best Whip silver at XG Austin '16. XG Aspen '17 Snow BikeCross: 14th. Crashed on lap 22 (while running 2nd).
  • Former motocross racer, now better known for his freeriding videos for Monster Energy "Slayground" (Oct. 2016) and Defcon Media (Nov. 2016)
  • 2nd, Oct. 2016 Monster Energy High Rollers QuarterPipe High Air, Las Vegas.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

World of X Real Moto 2017 MTX Real Moto2nd
X Games Aspen 2017 SNB Snow BikeCross14th
World of X Real Moto 2016 MTX Real Moto99th
X Games Austin 2016 MTX Step Up8th
X Games Austin 2016 MTX Best Whip2nd