Real BMX: Five fast facts with Colt Fake

Check out Colt Fake's entry into Real BMX 2017, the all-video, all-street BMX contest brought to you by ESPN and "The World of X Games." Vote for your favorite at, then watch the full behind-the-scenes show on ABC on June 24.

Colt Fake won the Fan Favorite and silver medal in the 2016 inaugural Real BMX series. His brand of BMX, which combines roof gaps, bikes falling on his head and loose crashes, is one that transcends BMX and is easily appreciated by anyone that understands how falling off a roof might ruin your day. This year, Fake is back, and his approach to Real BMX has only improved. He's no longer jumping into fire though -- he's jumping over cars.

Here are five (new) fast facts about Colt Fake.

1. The intro clip (and resulting fall) in Colt's section kept him off the bike for close to a month after shooting.

2. Colt got the Vans hookup after his Real BMX part dropped in 2016, but this year, he's switching it up and riding Fade Footwear shoes, a BMX shoe brand from Colombia. "I love riding in high tops, and their 'ankle savers' have built-in ankle guards. They really blew me away with sending me more with my name printed on the back of them," says Fake.

3. Colt Fake is responsible for the release of the full-length video "Banned 5" that debuted in May. The DVD includes all five "Banned" videos and is available now in the Banned store.

4. Colt Fake is in search of an elusive finger bike toy featuring the rapper Eminem.

5. Colt Fake is creating a new hybrid sport that combines trampolines and basketball.

I put on for my city

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