Dave Voelker joins National BMX Hall of Fame ranks in 2017


Dave Voelker is being inducted in the National BMX Hall of Fame for freestyle in the 2017 class.

Former X Games competitor and BMX Street innovator Dave Voelker, known in various circles as "The Lord," will be inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame on Saturday, Sept. 30 as part of the 33rd annual induction ceremony. Voelker, 50, is being inducted alongside Doug Davis (racer), John Piant (pioneer), Misty Dong (women) and Steve Rink (industry).

Voelker arrived on the BMX scene in the mid '80s. Emerging from Santee, Calif. with sponsorships from the GT/Dyno camp, Voelker's riding was and continues to be a phenomenal brand of, how else to say it, but 120% on everything in his path. Voelker went higher, clicked further and saw lines that no other rider recognized. Voelker was moved to full factory status by Dyno in 1987, but remained an amateur, racking up vert wins in the American Freestyle Association Masters series and enjoying a wealth of coverage in the BMX media.

As the late '80s gave way to street riding, Voelker's riding and ability to adapt to all terrains transcended into street riding, and he picked up one of his first pro class wins at the very first 2-hip Meet The Street contest. His wallrides were close to 6-feet higher than any other riders on that day, and he was bringing new innovative tricks to the table, such as the tailwhip nosepick (which remains a staple to this day.)

Voelker rode the street riding wagon into the early '90s, and was the only rider to remain with the GT/Dyno team through the leaner years of the sport. He continued doing extensive summer tours with the brand through the '90s, and eventually went on to earn a fifth place and a fourth place in the X Games in 1998 and 1999.


After Voelker's competitive years, he continued to tour and also worked behind the scenes at X Games during the Los Angeles years. Voelker also retains an impeccable reputation as the world's 'Greatest Show Rider,' performing at more than 5,000 freestyle shows over the last 30 years for schools, state/county fairs, NBA and NFL halftime shows. Voelker has been featured on the cover of magazines BMX Plus!, Freestylin', American Freestyler, Ride BMX, FAT, Invert, Freestyle BMX -- as well as numerous covers of catalogs for the GT and Dyno brands.

According to a 2008 interview with Voelker for the "Generation F" book from Freestylin' Magazine, Voelker's journey in BMX began because he was "The Evel Knievel of the neighborhood." Perhaps that, more than any award or accolade in Voelker's vested career, speaks best to his position in the BMX world.

Doors open at 6 p.m. at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center on Sat., Sept. 30 in Chula Vista, California. Tickets are available for purchase.

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