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Bryce Kanights

In 2017, ESPN and X Games have teamed up with some of the most innovative bullying prevention programs in the country -- No Bully, GLSEN, and Crisis Text Line -- to launch the X Games Shred Hate campaign. The new initiative aims to tangibly reduce bullying rates in our X Games communities of Colorado and Minnesota, and for X Games fans worldwide. The campaign is being supported by X Games athletes, who will be part of X Games Minneapolis 2017.

What is Shred Hate?
Shred Hate is a bullying prevention program launched by ESPN and X Games aimed at increasing awareness about the bullying epidemic and reducing the actual incidence of bullying. The year-long program kicked off in October during National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and continues through X Games Aspen 2017, X Games Minneapolis and throughout the school year.

The program activates students to stand up to bullying with their peers as part of a national campaign with, and also includes an intensive in-school curriculum for schools near X Games locations with No Bully. Additionally, GLSEN provides the schools an opportunity to focus on how to specifically remedy bullying against LGBTQ students. The program also works with Crisis Text Line to ensure that people have an outlet if they're in crisis.

X Games fans have an opportunity to get engaged onsite at the events in January in Aspen and July in Minneapolis with interactive Shred Hate connecting young people to important resources and information.

Why are ESPN and X Games involved in bullying prevention?
More than 1 in 3 students between the ages of 13 and 15 experience bullying on a regular basis worldwide. We know that sports can be both a cause and a refuge from bullying, and action sports can be a positive avenue for athletes and youth whose individuality may not fit into "traditional" team sports. ESPN and X Games launched Shred Hate in an effort to help curb this epidemic.

How can I get involved?

Students: You can literally Shred Hate by signing up for the campaign, which runs through Jan. 31. Studies show that sharing stories of verbal negativity allows students to reclaim some of the power that's lost when they're bullied. As part of the this campaign, you can write a negative story, phrase or idea that you want to overcome on a large piece of paper and then shred it by running through it like you're crossing a finish line. You'll also have the opportunity to win a $5,000 scholarship by participating!

Teachers/Schools: The No Bully Systemยฎ has proven to remedy 90% of all bullying cases in the schools where it's been implemented. To learn more about getting the No Bully system as part of your school, visit the No Bully site or call 415-767-0070.

What is the No Bully System?
The No Bully System is a set of interventions to prevent and stop bullying and cyberbullying in school and after-school programs. The school leadership team receives coaching how to lead school culture change. No Bully staff trainings motivate and teach school faculty how to interrupt and stop student bullying, and parents are trained to support the school's anti-bullying initiative.

LEVEL 1: Prevent & build an inclusive school culture
The school joins with parents to prevent student bullying by building a culture where every student is accepted for who they are.

LEVEL 2: Interrupt and refer to a Solution Coach
All teachers and staff interrupt student disrespect and aggression and refer ongoing incidents of bullying or harassment to a trained school Solution Coach.

LEVEL 3: Hold a Solution Team and follow up
The Solution Coach convenes a Solution Team of students to bring the bullying to an end and follows up with students stuck in the role of bully or target.

LEVEL 4: Implement an empathy-building action plan
If a pattern of intolerance is apparent across the entire class or grade, the Solution Coach implements a plan to create a culture of acceptance.

If you're being bullied or experiencing any other type of crisis (depression, anxiety, LGBTQ issues, eating disorders, etc.) you can get free, 24/7 support through text message. Just text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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