Ryan DeCenzo skates ESPN Campus

X Games

A normal workday at ESPN goes a little something like this: Drive to work, park, walk to your desk, bang out emails and then head to the cafeteria for lunch. But on Tuesday, X Games Austin 2016 Skateboard Street gold medalist Ryan DeCenzo changed all that. DeCenzo visited ESPN campus not to do previews for X Games or inspect future medals -- he came to skate the campus, and he left his mark on ESPN's now skateable architecture.

Escorted by ESPN Security, DeCenzo was able to switch 180 a 14-stair set, along with a host of other moves good enough to bang out a Real Street video section, and he did it all before lunch with the threat of rain constantly at his back. What follows is a quick rundown of some of DeCenzo's finer moves on the ESPN Campus.

@RyanDecenzo just stomped a switch 180 at @ESPN's Building 12!

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