Real Street 2017: Paul Hart

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The following interview is one in a series of profiles on our Real Street 2017 skateboarders. To vote for Paul Hart and his filmer/editor counterpart, Jared Lucas, in this year's video competition: click here.

Jacksonville, Florida, native and next-level rail chomper, Paul Hart, may hold a world record for having a pro model skateboard with his name on it for the shortest amount of time. In September 2016, Hart dropped an epic Thrasher part and went pro for Cliché Skateboards. Two short months later, the Lyon, France-based brand that had been setting the bar for international videos and design, announced that the company was folding. Their newest pro found himself without a board sponsor after a mere 60 days.

For some, those turn of events would be a crusher, but not the kid who backside noseblunt slid Hollywood High to fakie. Hart quickly picked up a new sponsor, Pizza Skateboards, and got to work filming his Real Street part to let the world there was no quit in him. The results speak for themselves. Would you consider yourself to be a contest guy?
Paul Hart:
Contests are tight. I love just having a good time, skating with everyone. I'm everyone's biggest fan at a contest. It stokes me out! 

What's your take on skateboarding being included in the 2020 Summer Games?
Get me in! I'll skate for Israel once I get my dual citizenship.

If you had to pick your top 5 skaters to represent America in the Olympics, who would it be?
Figgy, Evan Smith, Joe Hammeke, Blake Carpenter and Corey Glick, because they shred faces off.

What was your initial reaction when asked to be a part of this year's Real Street?
I felt very blessed to have the opportunity! 

What was your approach to filming this Real Street part?
I wanted to film it all with Jared Lucas, so I just camped at his house for weeks at a time and we handled it.

Jaws killed it with the soundtrack. How did that come about and what was the thinking behind that?
Jared and I were just brain storming in the car and he said, "Dude! What if we had Jaws make you something with his mouth harp?" I was sold on it.

Any stories from the filming of this part?
The first week Jared and I went out to get a trick for this part I got a skating ticket at the Oceanside hubba, for like 300 dollars.

Damn, that's rough. What trick took the longest for you?
I think that fakie flip I did. We went back three times in three days. We just kept getting kicked out, and the first time it got too dark when I tried it so we had to come back the next day ... and the next.

How important is the ABD list when you show up to a spot? Do you care if someone has done a trick before?
They didn't do it in this body! (laughs) But I try to respect that rule as much as possible. I know Ishod did the back noseblunt already (sorry!) but I had the worst heel bruise for like a month and a half. I just really needed a line because it was the last few weeks for filming before the deadline. Weird as it may sound, the back noseblunt was the only trick I felt comfortable doing in a line there so I wouldn't land on my heel as much. 

Have you watched the other Real Street parts in the past? Who were your favorites? Yeah, I've watched them all. I'd say Wes Kremer had my favorite one.
Who do you think is going to win this thing? Tiago! He's the truth! Love that brother! 

If you win what will you do with the prize money?
Straight to the savings account.

If you could see a new minute-long part from anyone past/present/future who would it be?
Jeremy Wray. He's the GOAT!

Can we talk about Cliché? What did it feel like to finally go pro for them?
Dude... It was such a blessing to be a part of that family. Going from flow to pro for them was a dream come true.

Then what was it like when you found out the brand was disbanding?
It was for sure a bummer to get the call. It was definitely a sad day, but everything happens for a reason. I'm just so honored to have been a part of that history. Thank you, Joey Brezinski, Al Boglio and Jérémie Daclin!  


Who are you getting boards from these days and how did that come together?
I'm getting boards from Pizza Skateboards right now. Taylor Bingaman put in a word for a brother because he's super good friends with all those kickass bros. 

What's coming up next for you?
I'm coming out with a colorway with Globe in a couple months and just a bunch of traveling. Keeping the dream going!

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