Get to Know: Elijah Berle

X Games

Somehow, Elijah Berle turned this into a wallride. Watch the episode to see how.

This week on 'Skaters in Cars,' profiled Vans/Chocolate pro Elijah Berle. A native of Santa Monica, California, Berle was featured in the 2016 Vans video "No Other Way," and his clips made enough of an impact on Chris Nieratko that he went back to revisit a few of the spots from the video part (along with Kyle Walker, who was featured on 'Skaters in Cars' here.)

But this isn't Berle's first time in the X Games universe. Earlier this year, as part of our summer ZOOM competition, Berle teamed up with photographer Anthony Acosta for a wallride photo that made it into the top finalists, and his photo, along with a profile on Acosta, was featured in the X Games Minneapolis 2017 broadcast. Maybe he didn't skate the comp, but he was still there in his own way.

Earlier this month, Berle's board sponsor Chocolate released a new Angel City deck under the Berle name, along with the Out West series, featuring original artwork by Chocolate artist Evan Hecox. While Berle's spot modification tactics may need some work (watch the video), his skating is untouchable, and his inclusion into the 'Skaters in Cars' series is a welcome addition.

For the latest from Berle, follow him on Instagram.

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