Vans Half Cab shoe turns 25 years old


This fall, the Vans Half Cab turns 25.

Aside from Michael Jordan's Air Jordan partnership with Nike, athletes rarely if ever experience a wealth of success endorsing a signature shoe model that spans multiple decades.

But skateboarder Steve Caballero is a rare exception to that rule. Caballero has skated for Vans since the 1980s, and released his first signature model in 1989. The Caballero shoe was a popular shoe for skateboarding with Vans, but something happened along the way that made Steve Caballero rethink the design.

"In 1991, I noticed a lot of the street skaters were taking my shoe and cutting it halfway down using stickers or duct tape to finish it off. I actually started doing it myself, and I thought, 'Why don't we just make the shoe like this?' So I went to Vans and asked about taking my shoe, sawing it in half and presenting it in a lot of different colors and name it the Half Cab," says Caballero.


Nike has the Air Jordan. Converse has the Chuck Taylor. And Vans has the Half Cab, which is turning 25.

The Half Cab, the new mid-top version of the shoe that Caballero saw other skaters modifying, was an instant success, and an iconic addition to the Vans line. "Everyone started buying the shoe and it blew up. That's why the Half Cab is what it is even today," adds Caballero.

And now, 25 years later, the Half Cab is celebrating a skateboarding milestone. Still in production, the Half Cab is the longest running signature skateboarding shoe in existence, and the latest 25th Anniversary model from Vans is a testament to Caballero's dedication to skateboarding.

And at age 52, Caballero is still pushing the limits on a skateboard. For proof of that, check out Caballero's exploits in the "World of X Games: The Search is Never Over."

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