Skateboard Vert RD1 + Finals Results

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Final Group 3A
Shaun White | Watch Video | Interview Video93.00
Pierre-Luc Gagnon | Watch Video91.66
Bucky Lasek | Watch Video87.66
4Elliot Sloan67.66
5Adam Taylor62.66

Top 5 Advance to Final

Round 1 Group 2A
1Pierre-Luc Gagnon87.00
2Bucky Lasek84.66
3Adam Taylor84.00
4Sandro Dias82.66
5Paul-Luc Ronchetti77.33

Round 1 Group 2B
1Shaun White86.33
2Elliot Sloan84.00
3Alex Perelson82.66
4Bob Burnquist82.66
5Andy Macdonald82.66