Ramping up for X Games

This Saturday, June 30, at 9 p.m. ET, tune into ESPN to watch this year's Skateboard Vert Finals as Pierre-Luc Gagnon battles it out with Bucky Lasek, Andy MacDonald, Bob Burnquist and some of the greatest vert skaters of today for the gold medal.

With the announcement last week that defending vert champ Shaun White will sit out this year's X Games, the gold and prize purse are up for grabs.

Or are they?

In the last few days Tony Hawk's private indoor ramp has seen some heated practice sessions take place, in anticipation for the X Games, with none other than Gagnon, Lasek and White.

Could White make an appearance at the last minute, pad up and shock the world with a repeat from last year -- another gold?

As we wait till Saturday to find out, ESPN.com spoke with Gagnon, Lasek and Danny Mayer about their predictions for the contest.

ESPN.com: Who would you pick to win this year's Vert?
Pierre-Luc Gagnon: I'm picking myself! I don't want to lose so I want to pick myself for the win. I'm gonna try my best.
Bucky Lasek: I think the one French Canadian is going to win.
Danny Mayer: That's a safe bet -- Pierre is money.

Do you really think Shaun White is not coming?
Gagnon: I'm not sure, he says he's not but he's skating good right now.
Lasek: I think Shaun is pulling the whole TMZ thing. He's gonna show up and seem like it was unexpected but have his pads on. He's coming.

Are you working on anything new this year?
Gagnon: I'm working on adding some lip tricks to my run for sure.
Lasek: Yeah, I'm competing in RallyCross so that's new for me.

Watch Skateboarding Vert Saturday, June 30 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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