Being -- Gabriel Medina

511 days ago

Reigning world surf league champion gives us a glimpse into his mind, to see what life is like for the young Brazilian phenom.

Moto X

Being -- Vicki Golden

508 days ago

Since her debut in Moto X Best Whip at X Games Los Angeles 2013, Vicki Golden has been steadily breaking barriers throughout the motocross world. "World of X Games" takes an inside look at Golden's rise through the ranks in 'Being, Volume 3.'


Being -- Harley Clifford

507 days ago

Australian Harley Clifford left his family and headed to the US at age 14 to focus on his craft -- wakeboarding. Supremely dedicated to his sport, he's one of the most renowned riders in the history of the wakeboarding, and he's only 21.


Being -- Rodney Mullen

508 days ago

Take a look inside the most inventive mind in skateboarding, and how overcoming fear and doubt shaped him into becoming one of the most well known innovators and thinkers in the world today.

Moto X

Being -- Travis Pastrana

559 days ago

Motocross legend Travis Pastrana learned to ride dirt bikes at an early age, rising from X Games fame to create his own touring enterprise, television series and an action sports revolution that continues to grow.


Being: Dave Mirra

353 days ago

From the debut of the Extreme Games in 1995, all the way to 2013, Dave Mirra was at the top of the X Games podium in all BMX disciplines as well as Rally Car. Then, at age 40, Mirra quit his sponsors and focused on a new passion: Becoming a triathlete.


Being -- Danny Way

567 days ago

His childhood marred by difficult circumstances, Danny Way was already skating with the likes of Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab as a child. He rose quickly within the scene and dropped video after video that pushed the boundaries and progressed the sport.


Being -- Marie-France Roy

566 days ago

Raised by a single father in a small town in Quebec, Marie-France Roy became a legend in the snowboarding world by doing things her own way.

Moto X

Being -- Jeremy McGrath

567 days ago

After a breakout season in 1993, Jeremy McGrath dominated Supercross for the next decade. However, his toughest battle came off the track when his wife, Kim, was diagnosed with cancer.


Being -- Makua Rothman

567 days ago

Being, Volume 1 begins with a look into North Shore native Makua Rothman's unlikely rise to an Hawaiian hero.